Palazzo Pacini is the best choice to match taste, tradition, relaxation and culture.

Volterra rises on the summit of a hill which dominates the Pisan hills and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the east. Apart from the architectural beauties of the medieval epoch like Palazzo dei Priori and the cathedral, Volterra offers important testimonies of the Renaissance with the beautiful palaces of the historic families of this town.
Don’t miss the park in the fortress, the Roman theatre and one of the most important traces of the Etruscan age in Tuscany: the Etruscan gate Porta all’Arco at the end of a long descent. Evidence of the Etruscan origins of the city you can easily find in the Etruscan museum which, among many archeological finds, exposes the little statuette L’ombra della sera” (“Evening shadow”). Last but not least have a look at the masterwork “The deposition from the cross” by Rosso Fiorentino in the picture gallery which is situated in the beautiful Palazzo Minucci.