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The fortified medieval village on the top of a hill which overlooks the Cassia road and the modern freeway Siena-Florence, was a witness to many historical events that took place at the foot of its walls and towers. The first castle at Monteriggioni was built around 1100, but the current city walls date back to the year 1214.
Today Monteriggioni is a little village which consists of a wide cobblestone square that encloses an ancient well. The square is surrounded by picturesque, old houses and a little church. The main road enters the village from the southern city gate and leaves it in the direction of Florence. Only a few people still live within the city walls but the village as a whole has entirely retained its medieval charm and offers some characteristic cafés and restaurants with local products. The museum of Monteriggioni is hosting a display of life size arms and armor from the 11th and 16th centuries. Perfect reproductions of ancient arms and parts of armor can be handled and tried on. From the museum you have access to the walkway that runs around the summits of the walls.